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Flexibility. Balance. Posture.

Sharing over 30 Years of Mobility Expertise

West Milford, New Jersey
Image by Luemen Rutkowski

Welcome to Stretch~n~Fold Fitness where we address the challenging subject of physical fitness and aging.  As former owners of the West Milford Physical Therapy Center for over 30 years, we observed the changes that occur to one's posture and mobility as they age. It is no secret that the advent of static sitting work postures and more recently, the use of cell phones, have led to a steady worsening of our overall body alignment. Whether at a desk, in your car, or in your favorite chair at home, these positions directly reinforce the typical “forward head” posture that we often see. We believe that the answer to this increasing problem is a series of stretching, balance, core strength and stability exercises.


Our concept is called Stretch~n~Fold Fitness and it combines these factors into a simple 27-minute routine. This program is designed to augment any physical fitness routines that you may be currently performing.  We believe that to Stretch~n~Fold can improve your overall fitness by focusing on joint mobility and strength throughout the body with an added focus on balance.

27-Minute Free Video

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The Stretch~n~Fold Fitness program begins with a series of postures that are each held for 30 seconds. The purpose of each pose will be explained, in detail, in order to teach the participants the “why” behind the exercise. As we age, certain human systems fail before others. From where we stand, after 4 decades of observation and intervention, the answer is obvious. Teaching our clients to move in a functional, protective manner can minimize the orthopedic and neurological stressors that impair mobility.


We believe our program should be performed 3 times per week in order to see significant changes in your health and fitness.  Claim your FREE PROGRAM NOW by filling out the form above. Move forward and take control of your health and physical fitness.

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