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​★★★★★ "I didn’t think I would be interested in doing a yoga type of exercise. I preferred  programs with more movement, like aerobics, and Zumba. I was wrong! The stretch and fold class has been amazing! Holding your body in the positions during the class has given me more flexibility, strength, and balance. I find myself rejuvenated after class. Several times I thought I was too tired after a busy day to go to the evening class. But after dragging myself there, I leave feeling relaxed  and rejuvenated, ready to finish up some things I left undone. I can’t thank you enough Sean and Anne for holding these classes!!"

- Betty B.

​★★★★★ "This 35-minute class is an efficient, enjoyable method for building muscle, stretching & improving balance. The instructors are knowledgeable & provide modifications if needed. I’ve progressed since I’ve started this class in April & feel the benefits as I move throughout the day. Another bonus is seeing friends who also attend this class at our community clubhouse!"

- Rita L.

​★★★★★ “The class is wonderful for anybody starting an exercise routine, therapy class, or a walking workout. The simple techniques of stretching have helped me become more mobile in my day-to-day tasks.”

- Randi S.

​★★★★★ "Although I know following an exercise routine is good for my health I generally do not stick with them for long because I usually find exercise classes time-consuming and boring. However, Sean and Anne make this class fun, and the half-hour breezes by. I have been doing this routine for months now and I enjoy it because it makes me feel good and I can see my balance and flexibility improving."

- Eileen R.

​★★★★★ "Stretch and Fold is by far the best stretch class I have ever taken. The range of motion in my neck has improved so much I no longer have a problem with my blind spot when driving. The music is calming, the stretching feels great and the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done feels wonderful. Thank you Anne and Sean! "

- Judy L.

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