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  • What is Stretch N Fold Fitness?
    The Stretch~n~Fold concept comes, first, from the education I received while sitting in my home during the first 2 years of COVID , talking incessantly to my poor dog, JAZMIN, who has since grown deaf, (or so she feigns). In that period, I have developed a knack for sourdough bread baking The process entails stretching and folding the dough. Well, do that a couple a hundred times and your mind begins to wander. It was NOT a huge step to see the similarities in what I was doing with the dough and what the average person does ALL DAY!
  • How did this program come about?
    During my first 2 years of retirement and because of my own personal orthopedic struggles, I had delved into the world of online stretching programs. (there’s A LOT of them). I found some very good instructors and was able to improve some of my symptoms along the way. With the help of my partner Anne, we worked to develop a functional routine of home exercises that we could do ourselves and one that we felt was possible for most people I have experienced significant changes to my body, particularly, my balance and my flexibility at the hips and legs.
  • What kind of programs do you offer?
    To see a list of available programs, please click here.
  • What do I need to perform the exercise class effectively?
    All you really need is a yoga mat, or some comfortable mat that you can move around on, stand, sit, lie down. We also STRONGLY recommend a pair of “yoga block” to improve symmetry while performing the routine. For a ZOOM class, a laptop, iPad, or phone will be necessary.
  • Where are you located?
    We are headquartered in the mountains of Northern NJ
  • Do you offer live Virtual sessions? Are your courses available online?
    Courses are available on line in a group or private format.
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